I'm Guy Boccia! 

Growing up I loved watching the old Jacque Cousteau films of the underwater world. Diving has always been a passion of mine to explore new things, to go into places I’ve never seen before such as a wreck. I was always drawn towards being able to go underwater for extended periods of time and breathe air from a tank but could never afford the training. That changed in 1994 when I first became certified as an open water diver through a different diving organization. 

Diving has opened the door to aquatic exploration and the sky became the limit. Over the years I wanted to gain more experience with training, and to go deeper for longer and to explore a specific area so I turned my attention to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) who are internationally known for training programs suited for all types of divers. 

As I gained more technical training and knowledge for scuba diving I decided I wanted to be able to share my passion and experiences with other divers, so I became an instructor in 2017 and progressed through the PADI Instructor Training Courses. 

Guy Boccia is qualified as a PADI Instructor Development Course Staff and Technical Deep Instructor.